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How to QBO Bank Feed works

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With the convenience of remote access option, QuickBooks online plays a prominent role for the business owners. Even professionals are trying to minimize the task of bookkeeping. I mean who doesn't like the idea of recording transactions directly from credit card, payment processing software (PayPal, Zoho, Stripe) or bank.

Let's focus on how QBO works with bank feed with other details.

  1. Balance Entry- QBO can easily understand whether the Chart of Accounts is used for the first time or not. The idea of introducing opening balance entry is to assist non-users who are not experienced with the accounting system.
  2. Other Transactions- For adding the transactions you can import only if bank/ credit card allows manual downloading of the file in.QFZ.QBO or.OFX format. This will be used only once and the transactions will be pulled automatically.
  3. Linking- The process of connection is quite easy. On the homepage, steps are mentioned. During any issue or error, you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number 1-855-687-3777.
  4. Expenses- These transactions are simple to record through bank feed. But you can change the certain steps if you want it to work in your desired way.
  5. Income- When we talk about Income, you cannot post deposits directly in income type account. For this, QuickBooks Online has the forms-based system.
  6. Amendments- It is counted amongst the best feature as you can see what has been recorded in accounts through 'In QuickBooks' tab. You can identify and correct the errors in items recorded in uncategorized accounts, wrong posting of transactions etc.
  7. Going to the bank feed page is quite simple. It helps you in many ways like increasing the number of transaction lines, through column heading you can categorize the order, and print option lets you print the list and many more.

These are basic things that you will encounter while accessing QBO.

QuickBooks Support assists you through all features and issues at 1-855-687-3777

Our team of experts is here to help and guide you through every issue or feature at QBs customer support. Our technicians are here to assist you 24/7 with remote assistance as well. You can also contact us via live chat or email.

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